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New Construction/Remodeling

Llona Plumbing, Inc performs New Construction and Remodeling of hotels, restaurants, spas, firehouses, salons, sports parks and many other types of facilities and structures.

If you are interested in receiving a bid for these services, send an email to [email protected] and attach a copy of your plans.  Be sure to let us know if you want us to bid providing the fixtures or if you will be providing them.  We will also need to know if you will have gas appliances, the type of water heater, tank or tankless (note if tankless: we only install Gas tankless heaters).

Also let us know how soon you need the bid and the projected start date of the project.  Our estimators will then review your information and let you know if we can bid and ask any additional questions.

Please call 813-477-1870 with any other questions you may have.

Grease Traps/Interceptors/Separators

Llona Plumbing, Inc. has considerable experience in handling the replacement or the installation of New Grease Traps, Interceptors or Separators.

Contact us at 813-477-1870 today to arrange an appointment for an Estimator to visit your site and create an estimate for your project.

Gas Lines and Gas Heaters

Llona Plumbing, Inc. can handle installation of your businesses gas lines and gas water heaters as well as gas connections for appliances for those lines.

Contact us today at 813-477-1870 to arrange an appointment for an Estimator to review your project.

Large Water Services

Llona Plumbing, Inc has the experience, tools and personnel to handle Large Water Services of 2” and higher.

Contact us today at 813-477-1870 to discuss your needs and schedule an appointment with and estimator to review your project.

Commercial Re-Pipes

Llona Plumbing, Inc. not only handles Residential re-pipes we also handle commercial re-pipes.

We can provide water service and complete Hot and Cold-Water Re-pipes.  Our estimators can determine the method for a re-pipe of your business.  This is going to vary based on the type of structure, the reason for the re-pipe and past issues with your piping.

Call us at 813-477-1870 for a free estimate.

Backflow Certified

Llona Plumbing, Inc. employs two backflow certified technicians to meet the needs of customers who have backflows and require yearly certifications of their systems for city or county municipalities.  We also have the ability and certifications to diagnose problems and to install or replace backflow systems as needed.

When it is time for your backflow certification call us at 813-477-1870 to schedule a time for the backflow.  Keep in mind that when we perform the test, water may be unavailable for 30 – 45 minutes.

Sewer Repair or Replacement

Llona Plumbing, Inc, can diagnose problems with sewer systems.  We have the expertise and equipment to perform a Video Camera Inspection to determine problems in your sewer system.  Once identified we can then make the necessary repairs or do a full replacement if that is necessary.

Give us a call at 813-477-1870 if you are experiencing problems and need assistance with your sewer repair or replacement.

Video Camera Inspections

Llona Plumbing, Inc. uses Video Camera Inspection equipment to follow the drain lines in your business to determine causes of issues and recommend courses of action to correct them.

Our cameras record video so that we can use it to provide you with an estimate for any necessary Sewer Repair or Replacement.  We can also provide you, our customer, with a copy of the video for your documentation via YouTube or on a CD or Flash Drive.

Call us at 813-477-1870 if you believe that you need to have a Video Camera Inspection.

Cement Cutting/Coring/Patching

Llona Plumbing, Inc can cut Cement or Core Drill for piping installations and replacements.

Cement cutting is sometimes needed for remodels to relocate sewer or water piping due to reconfiguration of Tubs, Showers, Lavatories and Water Closets.

In some cases, we can patch smaller areas of cement.

Contact us at 813-477-1870 to set and appointment to discuss your Cement Cutting or Coring project.

Excavation Services

Llona Plumbing, Inc has the equipment and personnel necessary to excavate where necessary to remove, replace or install piping underground.   We can handle both small and large excavation jobs.

Contact us at 813-477-1870 if you need plumbing related excavation.


While Llona Plumbing, Inc can excavate job for plumbing, there are times when excavation equipment may be too large for the job.  Buildings may be too close together or there could be obstructions like fences, driveways or trees.

When necessary, we can utilize trenching equipment to allow for new pipe installations.  Of course, we can always dig trenches by hand when appropriate.

Contact us at 813-477-1870 to discuss your trenching needs.

Sewer Locating

Llona Plumbing, Inc has the equipment to locate sewer piping.  We can use Video Camera Inspections in combination with locating equipment to find where the sewer pipe runs.

Call us at 813-477-1870 if you need to have a sewer locating performed.

Appliance Hookups

Contact Llona Plumbing, Inc when you need your Dishwasher or Clothes Washer plumbing hooked up.

We also hook up GAS appliances like Gas Ranges, Gas Clothes Dryers, and Gas Fireplaces.  We are also trained to install the proper gas piping, and have it inspected if required.

Contact us at 813-477-1870 to schedule any Appliance Hookups you have.  Note that we do not supply or repair Appliances.  We just do the connections.  We also do not supply or repair traditional water softeners.

Garbage Disposals

Llona Plumbing, Inc carries replacement Garbage Disposals on our trucks.  We can repair your Garbage Disposal when possible or replace them when they cannot be repaired.

Garbage disposals could stop working for any number of reasons.  It may need to be reset.  The propellers could be jammed, or there could be a faulty electrical connection.

Llona Plumbing, Inc recommends and typically installs Badger Brand Garbage Disposals.

Call us at 813-477-1870 when you need assistance with your Garbage Disposal.

Hydro-Jetting Drain Lines

What Is a Hydro Jet?

A hydro jet is like a power washer for your plumbing system. The hydro jet is comprised of a compressor, a flexible hose that can snake and a round head that can spray water 360 degrees. The water comes out at 3500 psi, a very high level of pressure. Water spraying at this rate of speed can safely cut through any build-up in your pipes – including tree roots – without being dangerous to the pipes.

Cleaning With Water, How Hydro Jetting Works

There are two main sides to your plumbing system: the supply side, in which your main water line brings potable water into your business, and the return side, in which the drains and sewer line remove wastewater. As you know, your drains and sewer line see a lot of icky stuff, and this icky stuff can line the sides of your plumbing pipes, eventually restricting wastewater flow and causing clogs. One of the most effective and safest ways to clear your drains and sewer line is with professional hydro jetting services.

How Is It Used?

A Hydro Jetter is designed to spray upward in your plumbing system so they can effectively dislodge whatever debris may be in your pipes. To do this, your plumbing professional will attach the hydro jet to an opening on your plumbing system known as a “cleanout”; once the hydro jet is securely in place, the water will spray upwards, dislodging any build-up and debris, where it will flow down and out of your system.

Can Any Drain Line Be Hydro Jetted?

Using different size hoses and nozzles drain lines as small as 1 1/4″ can be jetted. Jetting is especially effective on kitchen drains where grease has built up on the walls of the pipe.  When you are ready for your Hydro jetting call Llona Plumbing, Inc. at 813-477-1870

Commercial Contract Rates

Contact us for negotiable Tampa commercial plumbing contract rates.

Service Area

Our primary Tampa commercial plumbing service area includes Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco counties.  However, we are willing to travel up to 3 hours from our office for qualifying projects.  Complete the free estimate form or give us a call at (813) 477-1870.

Emergency Response Time

We usually respond to most locations in the Tampa Bay Area within 60 minutes.  It really depends on how far away our most available Plumber is at the time of your call.  We strive to give you an accurate estimate time of arrival during your call and call you back in the rare instance we are going to be more than 15 minutes later than we originally told you.

Plumbing Emergencies

Leaks, stoppages, and sewage problems rarely occur at a convenient time.  That is why we respond to plumbing emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Call us at (813) 477-1870.

Free Estimate

We offer free no-obligation estimates for planned plumbing installations and upgrades.  This includes services like new construction, renovations, and planned re-piping.  Free estimates do not apply to plumbing emergencies such as leaks and stoppages.